Athirapally is the land of rivers and forests and great waterfalls.
Athirapally waterfalls is the largest waterfall in Kerala. The athirapilly waterfalls are situated in the chalakudy river,originates from upper reaches of westernghats.

The Athirapally Waterfalls in Trichur, Kerala, are often referred to as the Niagara Falls of India. They come crashing down from a height of 80 feet, and are an amazing sight to behold. The cool misty waters cascading down in the backdrop of the thick green forests and rocky terrain, are a scintillating experience to any visitor or tourist.

Athirapilly-vazhachal falls are very popular with tourists. Proper precautions are taken on site to prevent mishaps while swimming and a police camp is always positioned there. Since Athirappilly is situated on the highway connecting Tamil Nadu and Kerala, night riding is not advised.

Vazhachal waterfalls

are located very close to the Athirapally falls and are a part of the Chalakudy river stream. Vazhachal is popular for its flora and herbal plantations (maintained by the forest department) apart from the scintillating waterfalls set in the backdrop of a lush green forest. This is an ideal picnic spot too.

This Falls is very famous for cinema suiting. This falls is first suited for ‘PUNNAGAI MANNAN’ tamil film acted by ‘KAMAL HASSAN’. so that this falls also called as punnagai mannan falls.

Two water-theme parks – the Dream World and Silver Storm are located to the west of Athirapally.

Thumpurmuzhi gardens

are located amidst the two water theme parks. The water from the river is redirected to deep tanks at Thumpurmuzhi, creating a waterfall like impact. The gardens are well maintained and have scenic surroundings.


About 20 km from Chalakudy on the sholayar peringalkuthu route,is Anakkayam which means the “Elephant pit”. It is noted for a lake with cool and placid waters. The place is a forest untouched by human encroachments and is a haven for those who wish to escape from concrete jungles. It attracts the visitor with its bubbling streams, natural rock formations and flora.

Charpa falls

which are lesser known are situated to the east of Athirapally. The water plunges on to the road in the monsoon, so get ready to get drenched if you are visiting it in the rainy season.

Many endangered and endemic species of flora and founa are found in the forests of athirapilly-vazhachal area(this area is the only place in western ghats where all the four endangered hornbill species are seen).the western ghats is one of the most important biodiversity hot spot in the world. This valuable natural world is already degraded by mining and hydro electric projects.

Malakapara tea gardens

If you take a ride through the deep forest and high ranges you will come across the Malakapara tea gardens. Around 50 kilometers from Athirapally, this tea garden has picturesque surroundings and sometimes one can spot wildlife here.


is a calm and beautiful lake surrounded by hills. If you are lucky, you can spot deer and wild elephants here. A few kilometers from Vachumaram (about 20 kilometers from Chalakudy) is Anakkayam (which means elephant pit). Tourists will find a serene lake, bubbling streams, natural rock formations and flora here.

The Peringalkuthu and Sholayar Dams

are situated deep in the forest on the way to Valpara. Both the dams generate hydroelectric power to the state and entry to the dam site is with special permission only.

You can visit the waterfalls only between 8 am and 6 pm everyday. Consumption of alcohol or smoking is strictly prohibited. Swimming in the falls is prohibited too, as it can be very dangerous. Visitors are advised to refrain from feeding animals as the waterfalls are plastic-free zones. The best time to visit Athirapally is just after the monsoon season, when the waterfalls would still be in full force. September to February is the ideal period to visit.


Air : Kochi International Airport is at 55 kms.

Rail : Thrissur is 63 Km and Chalakudy at 33 Km.

Bus : There are frequent buses to Athirappally from Chalakudy
or you can catch a cab (Taxi) from Chalakudy Railway Station.

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